Funeral and Burial Information

In the event of death, we counsel families to contact:

Jeff Morash, Superintendent of Prospect Hill Cemetery 508/ 228-7371, Email He will assist you with all burial arrangements and guide your family through the process on-island. 

Although located on Cape Cod the John Lawrence Funeral Home in Marston Mills has stationed a fully-equipped funeral transport van on Nantucket and is collaborating and coordinating with Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Prospect Hill Cemetery to provide on-island pre-burial and interment resources. Contact: Michael Drummey, 508/428-5704 for further information and assistance.
Additionally, the Doane, Beal & Ames Funeral Home in Hyannis is also available to assist with funeral arrangements. Contact: 508/775-0684.

If the death has occurred off-island
Your local funeral home should contact the John Lawrence Funeral Home or Doane, Beal & Ames Funeral Home (see above), who will meet the casket of the deceased as it arrives on-island.

Nantucket Jewish Community
Although Nantucket does not have a resident Rabbi for its congregation Shirat HaYam, there is a sizeable year-round Jewish community. Should you wish to communicate funeral arrangements, you may contact or for assistance.

Veterans Association
U.S. Veterans will find information at the Veterans Administration website.